birdrock designs

A weekend away with wind and waves

We went back to visit Kilcunda on the weekend, it's been almost a year since we first stayed there and we enjoyed it so much we have decided to try and make it a regular winter weekend away. It's so good to be cosy in a cliff top unit and watch waves come crashing in. It was windy and cold and wet, but we loved it.

I managed to take some nice photo's, this first one is the view from our unit when the tide was out in the morning. You have to love a double rainbow greeting you in the morning, and it kept moving in closer and closer towards our unit.

I really enjoyed watching the waves roll in and trying to catch that moment when they broke on the rocks making a huge splash.

The constant sea spray created a beautiful soft mist which is lovely to photograph.

Fresh white foam against deep dark blues, I'm loving this..

Oh, how perfect for Birdrock Designs, a feather on a rock !.. I  just had a brainwave for producing a stamp for my packaging with a feather on a rock image, so simple.

And here it is. It looks like a fossil. I made this using a large eraser and a scalpel, my first hand carved stamp !.

And this is a beach inspired print. I was going to use it as the background for my blog, but it's a bit too busy, it just didn't quite work.

Farewell Kilcunda, thank you for your inspiration, and for blowing icy fresh air through my mind. A change of scenery is always refreshing. From one beach to another.