A New Nesting Place

Welcome !, to my new website, my new blogging platform (same blog under a new roof with a new address). And most importantly, our new pet chooks !. The latest addition to our family.

My husband has a mate with a chicken farm,  we mentioned to him we were considering getting our own free range hens and he said "I can give you some hens that are almost ready to lay" and he invited us to his farm to choose some.

Well I couldn't believe my eyes, we opened the shed door to the most surreal sight, 

chickens galore

14,000 chooks to choose from !. All staring at us making gentle "boork boork" clucking sounds. We came to get only three, but walked away with four.

Here are the four lucky ladies who get to live with us :

pet chickens framed

They are settling in nicely, we have built them a big walk in pen with straw bales and they are enjoying our garden and the company of our children, dogs and rabbits. 

Our bunny meets the chooks for the first time.

Happy Chooks ! Aren't they beautiful !, I just love their fancy feathers and shape.

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