Taking Flight

Today my 'Flying Rabbit' took flight for the first time ! Meaning I sold my first 'Flying Rabbit' illustration from my Etsy store.

Thank you to my buyer (you know who you are). I'm thrilled that my art will take part in the life of a new born child. He can gaze at it in his room, grow with it, dream of flying a plane, wonder what it's like to be in the clouds, and imagine himself feeling as confident as the rabbit character.

And thank you for supporting independent artists, every sale ignites the spark to keep going and produce more.

It takes a lot of effort to get a business up and running. There's so much unpaid ground work and start up costs before you even begin to tread water.

Anyway, enough of that, check out my rabbit !..

A flawless print (I'm in love my Epson printer xo)

A close up. He looks pleased with himself doesn't he.

Packaged up and ready to go. He's signed and dated on the back.

Details in the back of the packaging.

And this is the example which can be seen on my Etsy shop. He looks smart in a frame.