Wrapping it Up

It's getting towards that time of the year when I do my yearly overview and general wrap up (not just of Chrissie presents).
I like to think of each year in my life as a chapter, and if I had to title this chapter it would be 'My Year of Intense Motherhood '.
This year has been the best and busiest experience of motherhood I have ever had.
It is not an understatement to say my husband and I have both been run off our feet on very little sleep, but at the same time delighted, proud and full of love towards our new baby and happy family. We are very lucky.

I feel like I am just beginning to get on top of things and get  my new business ready to take off as 2012 is closing it's curtains and shutting shop.
So rather than panic over not achieving all my yearly goals, I am reflecting, fine tuning, and coming up with a more realistic business plan for 2013

In hindsight I think I may have jumped in too soon, or I underestimated the time required to design and market great and worthy products.
It is one thing to have good ideas, to actually find the time to put them into fruition has been my struggle this year. It has been a year when 'baby comes first', and I just can't produce my best work when I am rushed and sleep deprived.

So I have the 1st of February as the new launch date for my shop, which gives me time to revamp and restock.

I am so looking forwards to next year when both my older girls will be at school together. No more half days of preschool with all those drop off and pick ups !.
And when baby Daisy gets a little more independent  (maybe after her first birthday in March) I will send her to day care for one or two days a week without feeling anxious.
The thought of getting even one whole day to myself to work fills me with excitement and hope.

Bring on 2013 !.

Now, not that I am counting the days down or anything, but on the weekend my girls and I made this amazing Advent Calendar that I thought I would share with you.
It was so cheap to make (the cost of a packet of sandwich bags and some card pegs)
Each bag contains a message with a Christmas activity we can do that day.

Christmas Advent Calendar