Favourite kids Apps of noteworthy design

I absolutely love some of the kids apps that are available at the moment.
I remember a time when I was nervous that e-books and i-pads would take over my beloved tactile children's books and ruin our fragile publishing industry, sending illustrators like myself broke.
Now I am embracing this amazing technology and all it has to offer.
I would love to help design and illustrate an app, and I find these ones below very inspiring.

The Singing Alphabet by the Ministry of Letters. This will be the best gold coin you have ever spent.
It is impossible not to smile and get a happy buzz each time I play with this app.
How can something so simple be so clever and entertaining !.
And I admit I have a bit of a 'font' fetish going on, so this wonderfully cute design hits the spot.

Okay, this one is my app of the day. I just haven't had my usual urge to embrace Christmas this year, but as of today I have wrapped my first 3 pressie's and downloaded this. 
12 Days of Christmas by Polk Street Press $1.99
The illustrations are beautiful and it has a sing along karaoke feature that my girls will love.
I'm sure that as of today I will have this song stuck in my head until Christmas.
Loopy Tunes $1.99
Gorgeous design and illustrations, and beautiful sounds. This will bring out the composer within and have any child wanting to play a musical instrument.

Toca Tailor
This is my eldest daughters favourite, I think I have bred a fashion designer !. 
It has a camera feature allowing you to turn photo's into fabric prints.
Even I love playing with this one.

And last but least (thought I'd stick to my top 5)
rED Writing. This app is very Australian, in fact it is the only app I could find that teaches the Australian education approved font.
The design and music are fun and the sticker reward system works a treat. This app really makes learning fun, and you have to love the guys Aussie accent.

Enough playing with my iPad, I'd better get some work done.