The first Bird Family makes an appearance.

Bird Family 2012. Rosalie Street acrylic. on canvas paper

Finished bird pictures are beginning to appear. Don't ask me what breed of bird species they are, I've just enjoyed the process of painting and letting something evolve.
It isn't my usual style either, but that's part of experimenting and letting go. Nothing new will emerge if I don't let it.

I've been fantasising for weeks now about spending a night alone in a lush hotel room. A huge comfy bed all to myself with eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I've forgotten what it feels like to get a full nights sleep. Its not going to happen whilst I'm still nursing every three hours.

One thing I have been enjoying, and can easily do one handed whilst nursing, is collecting inspiration and ideas on my Pinterest boards. Gone are the days of cutting up magazines or photocopying and keeping scrapbooks, it's all there at the click of a finger now, and what amazing visuals I have collected so far. I am totally addicted to this easy process. I even have a pin board for birds!.

Daisy is on the move, busily rolling around and getting ready to crawl. She is no longer happy to sit and watch, she likes to be on the go and have lots of stimulation and music. And I must say, I think she has the potential to be a good singer, she can hit some good strong high notes and is very vocal.

I've decided the only way to get any artwork done is to schedule in some dedicated weekly time slots.
I have charts, diary's and schedules for everything, never have I had to be so organised to make it through the days with a household of six (plus two dogs).

I've just said yes to a commission job to illustrate the 'Five Little Ducks' rhyme.
I was going to avoid any jobs with deadlines until Daisy was sleeping through the nights, but I just love drawing ducks and have a good feeling about this job.

I have to show you this photo...

It's one of the  fairy shrines made by my girls Iris and Lily.
They got in big trouble from their Dad last week for picking ALL the flowers in the garden just before our visitors arrived, and this is what they were doing with the flowers. I actually thought it was very creative and imaginative of them, although I do miss looking at the flowers in the garden now.
Iris is right into fairy's at the moment, she has built them a house in her room.

On Saturday I stopped in at a garage sale and bought this wooden box for $4 which I cleaned up and put on her book shelf for all those girly knick knacks.
And Chris made Lily a shelf to keep all her Schleich animals on.