The week that was

Dear Blog,
I want to give you all my attention, but currently I feel like I'm trying to run a race with a ball and chain around my ankles, which is a horrible to thing to say because I am actually referring to this little darling...
My Daisy girl, the most adorable, time consuming love of my life, who won't be put down or let me out of her sight at the moment.
I have been sewing her sensory rags, like the one she is holding in the pram. She just loves them, I've also started making her a soft fabric book, I'll show you when it's finished. They are a great way to use up scraps of fabrics.
The weather is wretched at the moment, but the birds on the beach were excited when I drove past.
Flocks of birds having a feeding frenzy, there must be a tonne of fish out there. 
This photo I took is very similar to an oil painting I did a few years ago.
This is my painting below. Seagulls dive bombing for fish. It now hangs above my husbands desk.
One thing I enjoy about bad weather is getting cosy and comfortable indoors.
Just little special things that make a difference, such as filling the house with my favourite smells.
Light the wood fire, pick some fresh flowers, fill the fruit bowl, put the slow cooker on and bake some cakes....
And then PAINT ! 
Yes I have started, there a birds, lots of strange and wonderful birds appearing on my drawing board; so stay posted as they will appear soon.