Finding my Work Space

Oh my, I hit the ground running this week on very little sleep thanks to baby Daisy who has decided to fight off falling asleep at nights.

Taken right at this moment, two tired girls !. Yes, I can multi-task and type whilst bouncing a baby to sleep. And look at those chubby cheeks !, I think she has started teething.

I am full of determination though to get my little business up and rolling.
I set up my studio space over the weekend and began painting some bird illustrations, (I'll show you when they are finished). I'm hoping to come up with something I love, so I can use it as the header on this blog, and maybe some promotional postcards.
A big thank you to my husband Chris for putting up the shelves, and making a rack to store my cottons reels on. (I did have them in chromatic order but Lily has rearranged them for me).
I need to feel organised and have my own space to be productive, and this set up will do just fine xo.

The sun is shining today, even though it was a frosty 5 degrees this morning when I dropped the girls off to kinder and school. Spring is on it's way and our garden is full of buds, I can't wait for all the flowers to arrive.
I just loved these colour combinations, the soft grey with the sky blue;

and this vermillion/red against the green packs a punch, what a contrast ! I think I'll incorporate that into my paintings, and then eat it with dinner.

and now, back to the drawing board....