A Welcome Introduction

Hello and welcome to the first of my Birdrock Design blogs,
My name is Rosalie Street. I am a Mum to three young girls and I work from home as an artist and illustrator.
I am very excited to begin the launch of the new business venture 'Birdrock Designs', and be able to share it’s progress with you.
For the past year I was busy making baby number 3 and living in a renovation zone whilst we had our house extended.
Having a break from the usual deadlines of illustration work let my brain wander and daydream of fun and personal projects I could do whilst raising a young family.
My plan is to incorporate my painting and illustration skills with my love for beautiful handmade crafts. My children inspire and amaze me every day and I always have ideas for things I would like to make them that I think would sell.
I will explore and have fun developing new creations that I can test out on my family and readers and sell in my etsy-shop.
When thinking of a business name I was looking for something to match my artistic style and represent nature and new life, whilst appealing to children or the child within all of us. I was thinking along the lines of flowers, buds, eggs, feathers. I love drawing birds, insects and flowers. You can view my artwork at my website.
(My three daughters are named after my favourite flowers Iris, Lily and Daisy !.)

It was my husband who came up with the business name, he said the answer was staring me in the face. It was so obvious I didn’t see it !.
We live at Birdrock Beach, it’s a short walk from our house, it’s where I go to blow the cobwebs out of my head when I need a break. It’s a beautiful secluded beach full of inspiration.

Birdrock Beach, Mount Martha, Vic, Australia

So there you have it,  Birdrock Designs has hatched !
I am flowing with Birdrock inspired ideas to launch the business with. Birds, eggs, rocks, feathers, landscapes and seascapes, mermaids, fish, ocean life, sunsets, storms, stars, boats, dogs, shells, driftwood etc.
Please follow me on this new adventure. See what I can produce and where I end up. Along the way I will share  insights to my life.
Life is a lot like a beach, a lot of stuff gets washed up to shore, or buried in the sand, but there is always treasure to be found !.